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We don’t offer many different services, but we do offer customizable screen enclosures and aluminum patio covers.

General Questions

We highly recommend them if you want to have a covered outside area to relax and entertain.

We would have to check, but in general, with minor adjustments, we can.

It is always best to build a pergola as it comes out custom, just the way you want it. Premade pergolas are generally hard to modify to your liking.

Adding a pergola to your home adds value, just as any home improvement. 

It depends on where you get it, the size, and the quality. Contact us for a free estimate. 

Definitely! If you enjoy throwing parties and having a space to relax outside, a pergola is what you need. 

Insulated roof panels offer great coverage, don’t corrode, need very little maintenance, and are very affordable.

We offer plain patio covers with no electrical work or decorations which are very affordable and last a long time.

Pergolas offer shade from the brutal South Florida sun. They add value to your home, and create a new, usable space.

A pergola adds an insulated roof to your patio, providing better protection from the weather. They also last long. 

A metal pergola comes out to around $18/sqft installed, a wooden pergola comes out to around $28/sqft.

We have a high demand for pergolas as they continue to gain popularity.

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