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Energy-efficient aluminum insulated pergola for Miami's hot and humid climate.
Custom Built Pergolas For Your Home

Carport and pergola builder in Goulds, Florida

Aluminum Pergola Miami

Aluminum pergolas with insulated roofs are the go-to for anyone trying to transform their patio into a usable area. Not only does it help with the Miami heat, but it also provides a shaded space to enjoy parties and relax. 

Carport and Pergola Builders in Miami

Screen Enclosure Miami

Screen enclosures offer the same benefits as our aluminum pergolas, but also protect against mosquitos and other bugs. These enclosures are game changers for any house. We fully customize these to your linking.

Create a cozy retreat with our insulated aluminum pergolas in Miami.

Pergola Miami Cost

Miami Pergolas does all their work in house to avoid subcontractors, by doing so, we can provide a greatly competitive price. Our representatives can give over the phone quotes as long as you have the basics of what you want. We need the size, how many lights, how many fans, if you currently have cement, and some other basic information.

Carport and Pergola Builders - Pergola Roof Miami

Our roof materials come in 3″, 4″ and 5″ insulated EPS materials. They are up to Miami-Dade code and you can stand on it safely.

Aluminum Pergola Suppliers

Our services include the installation, we currently do not sell just the materials. Our pricing is so good, you would want to hire us to complete the full project rather than try to DIY.

Aluminum Pergola Ideas

Our representatives have the ability to fully customize the pergola you want. After we install the main structure, we can add any privacy walls, decorative walls, or any other addition. 

South Florida Pergola

We mainly service Miami-Dade, but you can request a quote and we can try to assist you. We hold a Florida general contractor license, allowing us to work anywhere in the state.

World Class Carport and Pergola Builder

With many years of experience, and many different cities and states with our completed jobs, we are world-class Carport and Pergola Builders. 

The Installation Process

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We take measurements and design the pergola you want.

Permit + Association

We begin the permitting and association processes.


We install in parts, requesting necessary inspections as we go.


We do a final walk through of the completed pergola to ensure perfection

Reviews From Our Satisfied Clients.

We believe in hard work, and we are not cutting corners. The clients are always in our thoughts, and we are taking care of their homes, and we want to build their pergolas safely.

“Our new Pergola came out beautiful! Thank you, Luis and your team. Excellent carport and pergola builder.”

“My husband and I were in shock when we saw the completed Pergola. Thank you!”

General Questions

We highly recommend them if you want to have a covered outside area to relax and entertain.

We would have to check, but in general, with minor adjustments, we can.

It is always best to build a pergola as it comes out custom, just the way you want it. Premade pergolas are generally hard to modify to your liking.

Adding a pergola to your home adds value, just as any home improvement. 

It depends on where you get it, the size, and the quality. Contact us for a free estimate. 

Definitely! If you enjoy throwing parties and having a space to relax outside, a pergola is what you need. 

We build beautiful aluminum structures with insulated panel roofing systems.

We stumbled across these awesome home improvements about 15 years ago and just stuck with it. We enjoy the creativity behind each build.

Insulated roof panels offer great coverage, don’t corrode, need very little maintenance, and are very affordable.

We offer plain patio covers with no electrical work or decorations which are very affordable and last a long time.

Pergolas offer shade from the brutal South Florida sun. They add value to your home, and create a new, usable space.

A pergola adds an insulated roof to your patio, providing better protection from the weather. They also last long. 

A metal pergola comes out to around $18/sqft installed, a wooden pergola comes out to around $28/sqft.

We have a high demand for pergolas as they continue to gain popularity.

Through a lot of training and on-the-job experience. 

We recommend at least 4 years of experience to be a builder. That should include about 150+ builds.

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